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  Mission Statement  

Whitson Elementary School is committed to developing respectful life-long learners who strive to reach their full potential.

As a school community, we are determined to:

  • Create an environment where every student feels recognized and valued.
  • Create an environment where students know they are the most important people in the school and that the entire school is dedicated to helping them learn.
  • Take every opportunity to celebrate students’ successes-those related to school improvements as well as others and make sure each student in the school receives recognition.
  • Create opportunities to talk with students and more importantly to listen to them.
  • Create understanding among our students that they are active participants in their own education and learning.

 Helping students succeed is a joint effort.  Students are most successful when all of us—the student, the family, and the school are working together.  Our school staff strives for continuous improvement in instruction. 


  About The School  

Just the Numbers

Whitson Elementary is a K-3 elementary school with all-day kindergarten. There are 5 kindergarten classrooms, 4 first grade classrooms, 5 second grade classrooms and 4 third grade classrooms.

The school day begins at 7:45 when the doors are opened and breakfast is served in the gym. Classes begin at 8:15 AM. Our school day ends at 2:55 PM. In most weeks we have a 1:30 Early Release on Wednesdays. See the Whitson school calendar for the schedule of Early Release days.

In addition to being in the classroom with a general education teacher, students also participate in Physical Education, Music, Enrichment and Computer classes for 45 minute periods on a rotating weekly schedule. 

Our curriculum

Image for Our curriculum

For a complete overview of the current curriculum at Whitson Elementary, click here.