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New Class Schedule Page and Chrome Classroom  

Take a look at our new Class Schedule Page by clicking the blue link above. I will update this plan weekly to reflect our goals, necessary materials and homework for the week. The plans are subject to change as certain activities take longer than expected or we encounter unforeseen delays and interruptions. I will never make a due date for an assignment earlier than stated and though we may need to push them later at times, be prepared to turn in your work on the appointed date. 

Students can also find more detailed instructions for writing assignments, links to interesting information and a place to turn in digital projects on our new Chrome Classroom! Click this link to check it out!

Upcoming Assignments  

Please click on the assignemnt tab to find out what is due in the near future.

Open House- Thursday, 9/17 @ 6:00  

Come see what we've been working on this year! I'd love to chat. :)

It's not too late to order photos from picture day!   

If you did not order pictures with the physical form the other day you can go to MYLIFETOUCH.COM and order them online.  You will need the Picture Day ID: FO735031Q0.  Within a couple of weeks, the pictures will be online and you can even see them before ordering!