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21st Century Community Learning Centers


In 2012, the White Salmon Valley School District was fortunate to receive a 21st Century Community Learning Center (CLC) grant.  This grant allowed for the creation of an excellent after-school program at each of the four buildings in our district. The goal of the CLC is to give students additional learning time so that they can better master the skills and knowledge needed to be successful when taking state achievement tests. This is a no-cost program to participants and includes transportation home in the afternoons.


What happens in a CLC?

Students get to have fun, enjoy an afternoon snack, learn concepts in a different way than they do during the regular school day, and build supportive relationships with adults and other students.

CLC is held every Monday through Thursday during the school year, beginning at the end of the school day and ending at 5:05. At Whitson, a portion of time is spent doing thematic project based learning. Another portion is usually spent working on a math or reading intervention program. Students also get Open Gym time in addition to Homework Help, where they can read for 20 minutes or work on homework from their classroom. When students are released from school early on Wednesdays, students go directly to their CLC and take part in additional enrichment activities. On days when there is an early release, field trips and extended outside activities may take place on our "Adventure Wednesdays".

Can my child attend?

Students must be invited to take part in a CLC. Each school has a Site Coordinator (SC) who sends out invitations to the parents of students that are eligible. According to the federal requirements, the SC must invite every student who did not pass the previous year's state academic test in one or more of the three areas: reading, math or science. At the elementary school level we also send out invitations based on recommendations from teachers. If you have a question as to whether or not your child can attend, please contact the Site Coordinator at your student's school. Our Whitson Elementary SC is Jennifer Tate:  509-493-1560  or  509-637-5087  or by email.

What are the requirements to be involved?

Should you have a child who qualifies for an invitation to join a CLC, there are 3 requirements:

1) Students must make a commitment to attend the program regularly. (See policy for each school.)
2)Students must come ready to take part, have fun, and learn.
3) Parents must commit to participating in a monthly dinner/family night. 


If your child and family are interested in becoming members of the Community Learning Center (CLC) at Whitson and would like further information, please contact the following staff:    CLC staff.





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