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In the past 6 years, the WSV PTO has received nearly $9500.00 from collecting Boxtops For Education. The money we receive is used to fund many PTO-funded student programs and activities including: assemblies, fieldtrips, speakers, classroom grants for teachers, Zoo Snooze, OMSI Sleepover scholarships and other school needs that are not funded by building budgets.


  If you'd like to help, it's easy to do. Here's how you can help:

  •   Clip Boxtops For Education coupons from your favorite groceries, school supplies, paper products & more!

•   Look for Bonus Boxtop offers throughout the year on in-store items, especially during back-to-school time.

•   Check and save grocery store sales receipts that have special Boxtop awards.

•   Ask friends and family members to save Boxtops for you. Suggest they send them to you or give them to any school staff member. Those Boxtops will find their way to a collection point.

•   Visit to learn about more ways you can help earn money for our schools, such as earning Boxtops with online purchases.


Three of our district schools are currently participating in the Boxtops For Education  program: Whitson Elementary, Stevenson Intermediate School and Henkle Middle School. We collect and count Boxtops 3 times a year at each school. The Boxtops are bundled in groups of 50, packaged and mailed to General Mills and in return, our WSV K-8 PTO receives 10¢ for each coupon collected. It's a small amount, but with your help, it really adds up. Please tell your friends, family members and neighbors to join in the effort. Every little coupon helps!