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Hulan L. Whitson Elementary

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Bus and Pick up Changes


Buses will be in front of school and Student pick up will be at the South end of the building on the Playground!
Due to road construction at the intersection of Lincoln and Garfield we will not be able to use the regular Whitson loading zone this Friday the 13th. This affects PM only!
Buses will need to line up and load on Main St. in front of the school. Buses will be in the normal line-up order and there will still be 1st and 2nd buses. The city will post no parking signs.
Please be patient and keep the sidewalk clear so that students can access their buses unimpeded. Please keep toddlers and pets completely away from the buses. This is for safety and your help is needed and much appreciated.
Parents picking up: Please pick up your child on the South end of the building on the playground. (Big Kids Playground)