Graduation Requirements


Completing a High School and Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement in Washington. The HSBP is updated annually in advisory. Below are the directions for completing the HSBP through Skyward.

Columbia High School Graduation Requirements

Graduates of Columbia High School must earn 27.5 credits** in a number of areas, as shown below.

  • English -- 4 credits
  • Social Studies -- 3 credits
  • Math* --3 credits
  • Science -- 3 credits
  • Physical Ed -- 1.5 credits
  • Health-- 0.5 credits
  • Fine Arts -- 2 credits
  • Career & Technical Ed (CTE) -- 1.5 credit
  • World Language or Personalized Pathway Requirements-- 2 credits
  • Elective ** 7 credits

School district policy states that a student must meet all graduation requirements prior to graduation or they will not be allowed to walk in the graduation ceremony or attend the senior trip.

*Math: Students must obtain a full credit in Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II or an alternative 3rd year math class that is indicated in the student's High School and Beyond Plan.

** All classes taken above the minimum requirements in any area are counted as elective credits.

Find updated graduation requirements from Washington State Board of Education webpage for up-to-date changes in state graduation policy, including the Washington State Graduation Requirement chart.

  • 30 hours of community service
  • Senior Project and Presentation
  • Required Washington State graduation pathways
  • High School and Beyond Plan

Washington State Graduation Requirements

Required Tests for Graduation

If a student meets or exceeds the college- and career-ready threshold score on the Smarter Balanced ELA test as a 10th grader, he or she will not have to take that test in 11th grade.** “Exit exam” scores (for graduation requirements) are separate from what are known as the “college- and career-ready” scores.

Alternatives to State Testing
Test requirements and dates, graduation alternatives, etc.

Washington State Graduation Requirements

GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: Click below to learn about all the Washington State requirements for your graduation year.

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