Mrs. Thiesies

Mrs. Thiesies

Mrs. Grim

Mrs. Grim

Mrs. Clark

Mrs. Clark

Dear First Grade Students,

Welcome back to Whitson! We are excited for you to return to learning at Whitson! First grade teachers are Mrs. Grim, Mrs. Clark, and Mrs. Thiesies. 

First grade at Whitson is an exciting year! We will continue studying new and captivating subjects together, such as Light and Sound, Patterns in the Sky, Plants and Animals, and Celebrations Around the World, just to mention a few topics. 

Here are some great ideas to help you as you prepare to come back to school. READ EVERY DAY! Practice writing words, sentences, and stories.  Practice your addition and subtraction facts!

We look forward to seeing you very soon. If you have any questions, please call the school office (509) 493-1560.

See you soon!

From your First Grade Teachers

Below is a list of supplies that you will need to bring to school when you come back:

1 box of colored markers

1 big pink eraser

2 packages #2 pencils

1 box regular size crayons

1 pair student size scissors

1 package colored pencils

12 regular-size glue sticks

1 backpack for school work and notes home

1 personal size water non-spill bottle (kid/desk friendly)

2 classroom-sized (20+ students) box of snacks (ex. goldfish, saltines, ritz crackers).

1 composition notebooks (new - they will be kept at school)