WSVSD Families and Community,

I want to share an update with you after our Special Board Meeting last night. Everyone knows the financial challenges the district has been working through. When I came back, I did not know how difficult the road ahead would be. At first, I wondered how the district was going to survive this, but we are.

I am very grateful for the partnership we have with the ESD, for the insight and strength of our administrative team, for our unions, and for all the district staff. I am also grateful for the support and willingness of our community to help us. The collaborative work we have done together has helped minimize the staffing impacts we were first told about. The adjustments we were required to make still have affected the lives of some of our staff. Our hearts go out to these staff members.

We now have hope we can make it through this financial crisis. Principals will be working with their building staff to finalize their academic schedules. We will be operating on a lean budget next year, but we will still have many positive opportunities for our students including sports, music, and other activities that our students participate in. Our district is truly a family of educators working to provide the best education they can for each of our students.


Jerry Lewis, Superintendent